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Guardian Art Centre
Beijing's new cultural landmark
An open, diversified and professional artwork exchange platform

Guardian Art Center is located at No.1 Wangfujing Street,

the intersection of Beijing's most well-known commercial district Wangfujing Street and Wusi Avenue - the cradle of the New Culture Movement.

It neighbors the Forbidden City and commenced operation in October 2017.

The 56,000-square meters space incorporates functions such as art fair & exhibition, auction, education, bookstore and hotel.

The building allows for maximum flexibility and versatility:

the long-span, columnfree space on the ground floor functions as a professional exhibition hall while the two major multifunction halls in the basement cater to multiple uses from exhibition and auction to banquet.

Besides, the exhibition hall on the second floor adds more diversity to this dynamic arts center.

Helmed by world-renowned German architect Ole Scheeren,

the Guardian Art Center's design principles adopt a contemporary perspective to incorporate and iterate history and tradition.

The cube on the top of the structure is the PuXuan Hotel and Spa.

The floating and revealing glass exterior gives a nod to the grid-like layout of hutong alleys and their constitutive siheyuan quadrangle courtyards that are signatures of Beijing.

The circular "pixel" at the bottom of the building is an ingenious projection of the world-famous Chinese landscape painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains.

The Guardian Art Center has always upheld an attitude of open-mindedness,

variety and inclusiveness in the type, theme and format of its exhibitions while upholding a principle that fuses professionalism,

artistry and public qualities, and insists on attention to public value.

Thanks to its unique geographical location, spatial form, functional positioning,

cultural landscape and industry experience,

the Guardian Art Center will continue to dedicate efforts to building a high-quality artwork exchange platform,

 partake extensively and witness the robust advancement of the Chinese culture and artwork market.

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